The North American Seals & Shelters Selection Guide

Choosing the right dock seals or shelters can save you money and increase the safety and efficiency of your operation. But there are no "off-the-shelf" solutions. Your situation is unique. So when selecting these products for your facility, consider five key points, represented by the letters S.E.A.L.S. - Situation, Environmental Control, Access, Long Life and Support.



The types of trucks you serve and the design of your building greatly affect your choice of seals and shelters. The wider the variety of trucks serviced, the more flexibility you must have.

Layout of your dock, inclines or declines of the approach, building wall construction, size of the door opening and position of adjacent structures all affect your choice of seals and shelters. The right selection can help provide years of productive service.


Environmental Control

Protection from the elements, energy loss and safety are important issues when considering the sealing efficiency of your seals and shelters. Temperature control, water infiltration, wind, dirt and debris, slippery conditions, energy loss, insect infiltration, product damage, theft and employee comfort are all factors that you need to address at your loading dock.



While environmental control considerations are important, your choice of seal or shelter design can also affect your ability to access the loads on the trailer - directly impacting your productivity and costs. Limited access can lead to the load impacting the seal or shelter, causing damage and downtime. To ensure proper access, identify the load situations that are most often encountered at your facility.


Long Life

The product features you choose help determine the life of your seals and shelters, and can minimize repair costs. In addition to volume of trailer traffic, consider the other factors that contribute to wear when selecting product features. For example, trends in trailer design such as air-ride systems, cause added wear on you seals or shelters. Armor Pleats with proper spacing, strong fabrics and other options can give you greater durability and more years of productive service.



When you choose Rite-Hite seals or shelters, you're getting the world's leading brand. So you can be confident these products are backed by the very best warranties, support, and service in the business. With our worldwide network of highly trained service specialists, you get prompt, professional response for installation, maintenance and follow-up services. Only Rite-Hite offers you all these advantages.