Preventative Maintenance Programs

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The Industry Source For Preventative Maintenance

We are the industry leaders in preventative maintenance.  Our clients in both the public and private sectors who utilize our services require professional services from federally authorized and cleared service technicians in varying respective fields.

Our preventative maintenance program is second to none, and has increased the safety and efficiency of our clients, as well as proving to be the most cost-efficient way to ensure that all access/entry systems (fire-rated included) work at optimal output with minimal down-time, and zero chance for catastrophic failure due to lack of maintenance.

With our Preventative Maintenance Program, our clients have found themselves able to avoid having to replace entire products (Docks, Doors, Restraints) and prolong the life-span of their products/systems by over 100%.

We Inspect:

  • All Doors, Loading Docks, Truck Restraints
  • Fire-rated Certified Doors
  • Passage Doors 
  • Perimeter Security Fencing

  • Any suggestion from our Clients regarding systems that we may or may not service (Preventative Maintenance can prolong the lifespan of systems by more than 100%, saving everyone money)

    All systems will be cleaned, inspected, and lubricated / tested to ensure correct funtion of the systems.  A report will be created and forwarded to the Client regarding deficinecies found.

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